Self-Care Guidelines After Injuring Your Big Toe

If you are an avid sandal wearer during the summer and unfortunately stubbed your big toe on the edge of a concrete slab that is part of your patio, the pain and sight of blood may have made you feel weak in the knees and fearful of the severity of the injury. Use some self-care guidelines while recovering from the incident.

Clean And Soak The Injured Toe

Press a thick cloth against your toe to stop the blood from flowing. Use a cotton swab that has first-aid anitseptic on it to clean the wounded toe. Move the tip of the swab around your toenail to collect any dirt or blood that has settled in the groove that your toenail's edges rest upon. If you are squeamish about cleaning your injured toe, ask your spouse or a family member if they could assist you with this step.

If swelling is apparent, a warm soak may reduce the puffiness. Add warm water to a foot bath, but avoid adding any soaps or gels that contain ingredients that could irritate the injured skin around your toenail. After completing the soak and drying your foot, apply antibacterial ointment to a gauze pad and wrap the pad loosely around your injured toe. 

Minimize The Risk Of An Infection

A sterile, clean pad or bandage should be the only thing that comes into contact with your toe while your injury is healing. It may seem frustrating to exchange a sterile dressing for a fresh one each day, but this is an important step that will promote healing and prevent an infection. Also, it is a good idea to allow your skin to breathe. Occasionally remove the pad or bandage that is covering your toe and elevate your foot for a while. 

Look Out For Additional Problems

Even if you are conscientious about wound care for your injured toe, you may still encounter a problem with the healing process or experience the discoloration or loosening of your toenail. The severity of the injury and the amount of time that it will take for the healing process to expire depends upon the amount of force that was present when your toe hit the side of the concrete.

If you are concerned about how well your toe is healing or if the pain that you are experiencing is lingering for days on end, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist so that your injury can be examined further. If you are fortunate, the podiatrist will state that your toe is healing properly, and they will advise you on ways to lessen the pain that you have been contending with.