Want To Start Running This Spring? 4 Ways To Keep Your Feet Safe

Running is a great way to stay in shape, and spring, when the weather is warmer outside, is a great time to take up running. If you are just getting back into running, you are going to want to make sure that you take care of your feet and keep them safe as you get back into shape.

Purchase Good Running Shoes

The first thing that you need to do is purchase good running shoes. Try on the shoes and walk around in the store to make sure that they support your foot correctly. Running shoes are designed and shapes for many different types of feet; there are running shoes specifically designed for individuals with low arches and individuals with high arches.

You also want to think about the terrain that you running on as well. Running shoes are made for specific types of surfaces, such as indoor, pavement, dirt and rough terrain. Make sure that the shoes you buy fit the type of terrain that you want to run on as well as your foot.

Get The Right Socks

You want to make sure that you are wearing the right socks as well. The best socks are ones that are a poly-cotton. These types of socks are designed to help pull moisture off your feet and help keep your feet dry. It is best to try on your running socks when you try on your running shoes to make sure that they are a good fit.

Stretch Before You Run

Before you go running, you are going to want to spend about ten minutes stretching out. Walk or jog lightly for a minute, then stretch out your muscles. For running, really focus on stretching out your legs. When you start running, you should start with shorter distances to get your leg and feet muscles use to running. Then, build up and slowly increase the length of your run over time.

Stretch Out When You Cool Down

 Finally, you should stretch out when you cool down as well. Take a few minutes to stretch your muscles and walk. This will help ensure that your muscles are not tight nor sore after you work out. If necessary, ice your legs and feet after you run to provide your muscles with additional relief.

Before you start running this spring, make sure that you purchase good running shoes and sock, and be sure to stretch out before and after you run. This will help protect your leg and feet muscles. For more information or assistance, contact a local podiatrist.