Understanding The Truth Behind Common Custom Orthotic Misconceptions

If you have a flat foot condition or another type of ailment that directly affects your feet, then your podiatrist may suggest the use of orthotics. Custom orthotics are wise, but many people choose not to use them. This has a lot to do with some of the negative misconceptions that are believed about orthotics. Keep reading to learn about some of these misconceptions and also to find out the truth about them.

Custom Orthotics Are Hard

One of the biggest misconceptions about orthotics, and the reason why individuals shy away from them, is that individuals believe that they are made out of completely hard materials. However, this is not true. Orthotics do contain a base that is made from a hard material. The material is either a type of plastic or a metallic carbon. 

The hard materials are used in conjunction with the molds of your feet to create the hard base of the orthotic. This is what creates the arch support. Without the hard base, you would simply have an orthotic that compresses and offers few advantages. 

Once the hard material is cast, a durable and soft material is utilized to cover the hard base. This material is applied thick across the heel part of the orthotic and created thinner as it covers the arch and front part of the device. A vinyl based material or a silicone product is usually used for this. Either an open or closed cell neoprene is then applied to provide a soft covering over the cushion.

When the orthotic is completed, you get an implement that has a strong base, a middle cushion, and a soft upper. This creates a device that helps to offer the support you need while ensuring comfort. The orthotic will not cause pain. If it does, then it requires adjustment and you should speak to your podiatrist as soon as possible. 

Orthotics Change The Shape Of The Foot

Some people choose to avoid orthotics because they believe that they actually change the shape of the foot, and therefore, have to wear the devices forever. It is true that you should wear orthotics all the time, and probably for the rest of your life. However, this has nothing to do with the changing shape of the foot. In fact, the shape and position of your foot in relation to your body cannot be changed. 

Since your foot position is permanent and orthotics are used to support the feet and encourage a healthier gait and standing position, they need to be used all the time. They will prevent injuries, strains, bone spur issues, and tendonitis conditions that can cause a great deal of pain. They can also encourage healing if you already have a foot ailment. This should be seen as a positive, not a negative decision that leaves you chained to orthotics forever. Visit a site like https://www.yourfootdocs.com/ for more help.